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Google Ads

The question about whether or not you should be advertising on Google has been settled ages ago, but the question remains: Who should you work with to get it done right?

In short, we’re a digital marketing agency that has proven our mettle by growing our clients’ businesses whilst implementing Google’s best practices on our managed accounts.

Our Google Ads Services Includes

Search Advertising

Our Google Ads team is proficient in generating valuable leads through search ads. We do thorough keyword research, matching the search query with our clients’ products and/or services.

Shopping Ad Campaigns

We create a Merchant Centre account and shopping feed to get our customer’s products listed on Google’s shopping search results.

Google Analytics

We measure everything we do to ensure that you have clear insights into which channels are driving results. The most effective way to do this is through Google Analytics.

Display Advertising

We don’t practice the “spray-and-pray” approach to Display Ads. Instead, we make use of remarketing and advanced audience targeting for both brand awareness and lead generation.

Youtube Ad Campiagns

If you have a great Video Ad, or a video that you’d like to boost, we’ll create YouTube campaigns that drive brand awareness or boost engagement.

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